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3 Essential Beats For Worship In 3 Minutes

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Learn 3 essential grooves for worship in 3 minutes so you can nail the next worship set you're playing in!

What's In This Session?
  • Introduction (0:00)

  • Jungle Toms Groove (0:08)

  • Basic Rock & Roll Groove (1:00)

  • Four On The Floor Groove (1:55)

The Full Transcript
"Hey every one I want to show you three essential grooves that you need to know, in the next three minutes, just to make sure that you can nail the next worship set you're playing. First one here is what I'm going to call the “Jungle Toms Groove.” A lot of songs use this in the pre-chorus or the verses. A lot of Hillsong songs, Bethel songs. Now the next one is what that song will typically have in the chorus, as that will be the verses, the pre-chorus, right. So this is just a “Basic Rock and Roll Groove.” You might think that's an easy groove to play, and if you do, more power to you. You can throw in some spice if you want to - right. Anything like that. but the idea is that, that's your core groove Jungle Toms, and then the basic Rock groove, some of us call it the Portland groove. Last beat, I'm gonna go up to the tempo of 120 on my metronome, and I just want to show you a basic what they call a “Four On The Floor” groove. Four on the floor meaning the kick drum hits on every kick note, or kick time hits on every quarter note. Here we go now. That's a worship leaders favorite groove - they just like feel that people in the crowd start clapping. It’s awesome. A lot of songs, like Lion and The Lamb, or Alive from Hillsong, or things like that, that have a more complicated kick pattern. If you can't wrap your mind around how to do it, for on the floor - you want to make sure that you're kick and your snare hitting at the same time. You don't want them to flam, or slightly be jolted apart, from each other. A flam is like this. You want them to hit completely in sync with each other. You want to be practicing that as a drummer, in your spare time. Those three grooves in three minutes - you got them dialed, I'll see you there."